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Example of transaction

Here we will look at actual transaction examples using KAGE-chart.

Try swing trading

In swing transactions, we will aim for margins of around 100 to 200 pips.(USD/JPY Daily chart)
In this figure, KAGE-chart was displayed together with the chart of the simple moving average line(Right side) for comparison.
Can you see that the direction of the short-term moving average line is emphasized by the change of KAGE part?
In this case, I think whether it is good to plan such as 112.80 selling, settlement at around 111.20(half price) .
It takes 1 week to reach the target value on this chart,It is prudent to keep the leverage small as it becomes long.
Also, due to the longer period, schedule consideration such as the date of announcement of indicators that affect monetary policy is also necessary.

Try short-term trading

Here we will try trading that is completed in a short time.
I make the following trading as a clip(16 double speed)Please watch it on YouTube

First, I will check the 30 minute frame. This is the EUR/USD chart of the afternoon of November 21, 2017 (Japan time).
It looks like Lower price1.1730, Upper price1.1790,Half price1.1760.
It seems that it is slightly rising at this point.

The left is a 1-minute frame, the right is a 5-minute frame, and the sign of trading is judged on the basis of one minute's worth.
Since the selling sign appears in one minute frame, I will sell it at 1.1739.

Settlement at 1.1733.

The direction of price began to reverse.

buying it in 1.1739. Then it is settled at 1.1755.
In a short-term trading, we will conduct detailed sales in this way.

Short term buying and selling is a turnover trading to the last, it is a tactic that emphasizes the rotation speed of funds.
Be careful with fund management and try not to deepen the price.