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XMA_BBZ is a chart template that highlights price fluctuations by displaying multiple Bollinger Bands in the background and multiple moving averages bundled together.
It's available free of charge.
An explanation is given below. But,it's easier to understand if you actually try to move it. Please,download and try it out.
MT4/MT5 is an electronic trading platform developed byMetaQuotes Software.

Description of each part / Example of situation judgment / Application example / Download / Specification / Notes and requests


Before application
After application(C_XMA_BBZ_mt4)

By applying this template, multiple Bollinger Bands will be drawn on top of each other.On top of that, you can highlight price fluctuations and their ranges by drawing a bunch of two different moving averages.
This template can be used for all stocks that are handled by MT4/MT5, including metals and stock indices other than currencies.
It is written almost exclusively with standard features.
Please set the moving average(Line that change color) and BBandStops by yourself.You can find it online if you search for it.(for Copyright Considerations)

Overlay multiple Bollinger Bands

Overlay multiple Bollinger Bands(SMA50,32,16,8 each period)

1)GrayBand(period50 σ3 -> σ2 ->0)

2)LightSteelBlueBand(period32 σ1)

3)BlueBand(period 16 σ1.2)

4)GreenBand(period 8 σ1)

If you reduce the standard deviation of Bollinger Bands, you can make them appear to be a wide band of moving averages.

The orange line shows the SMA High and Low (period 3) and shows the price trajectory further out from the Bollinger Bands.

Display two types of moving average bundles

In this figure, the moving averages are bundled together.The line(LWMA) for period 5 is the standard.
Increase the value of the moving average line one by one, to highlight price changes at short intervals by shifting them one by one to the left.

string10 A bunch of these moving averages have been drawn based on the moving average for period 10.
It changes a little more slowly than the one in the figure above.
It is based on period 10, but it is also shifted to the right by 3 so that changes can be found quickly.

Combine the above two types of moving average bundles.
If both bundles start moving in the same direction at the same time, it can be judged as a strong movement.

Even if the faster bundle changes, it will not be a big change unless the slower bundle follows. This is the case when the price changes in a short period of time, but then the price fluctuates gradually.

If there is a gap between the faster and slower bundles and you can see the bias in the Bollinger Bands, you should be wary of rebounds.

Example of situation judgment


3)Deviation of moving average

(*)No such shape will appear on the chart.

(1) and(2), the trend is clear, so you shouldn't go against the trend.
(3)Conversely, in this situation, you should be wary of price rebounds.

Application example in weekly swing trade

This chart is for time frame H4. Weekly Candle is drawn on the chart.

(I used HT_Higher_Candle. )

You can use this for weekly swing trade.
A trade plan to search for entry points from Monday and close on Friday.

(The MACD numbers in this chart are for reference only. )




Template for MT4 (Zip file) / Template for MT4 (Zip file)
In both cases,normal LWMA(Period5) is added to the end of the List. The color of this item does not change due to price changes. BBandStops are also not included.
Please apply the template for MT4 by putting it in "/templates". The template for MT5 by putting it in "/MQL5/Profiles/Templates".
(It seems that the specifications of BollingerBands are slightly different in the MT5 template, so the display will change a little. )

Additional indicator
MA_Slope Moving average (MT5) whose color changes with price changes
There are many color-changing moving average indicators for MT4, so please search for them.

BBands Stop v1(MT4)
BBands Stop v1 (MT5)


For those who want to set it up as easily as possible, I have also prepared an applied version (MT4 only) that includes ColorMA and BBandStops.
You can use the template file (C_XMA_BBZ.tpl) in "/templates" and ColorMA and BBandStops in "/MQL4/indicators" and apply the template.
This "BBandStops" is a copyrighted work of Trend Laboratory Ltd., so please do not redistribute it.


Right-click on the chart screen you want to apply Select"Template> C_XMA_BBZ"


Line 1-16 BollingerBand (SMA50 σ3-σ2-0) BollingerBand(SMA32 σ1)
BollingerBand(SMA16 σ1.2)
Line 17-18 Hight3SMA Low3SMA
Line 19-21 BollingerBand(SMA8 σ1)
Line 22-25 EMA(MA7shift3)to(MA9shift1)(MA10shift0)
Line 26-35 LWMA (MA6shift1)to(MA15shift10)
Line 36-45 EMA (MA10shift1)to(MA20shift10)
Line 46 LWMA(MA5shift0) Can be changed to a moving average that changes color line

Other additional indicators (attached to"C_XMA_BBZ_mt4.tpl")
Line 46 ColorMA(LWMA5 UP DOWN)
Line 47 BBands Stops(SMA16 σ1 UP DOWN)

Notes and requests

The chart only shows a record of the previous price movements. There is no way to know the price of the future.

Currency price movements basically occur due to multilateral capital movements.Moreover, fluctuations are amplified by various factors such as fluctuations in interest rates and policies in each country.
These things will never be displayed in advance on the chart.

No matter how hard a trader works, they can only take positions with "expectation".Even if we try to take a position after all the favorable conditions are met, the market is going one step ahead.

There is always bad luck in trading in the market.The least important thing to do in trading is to compare it to the achievements of the lucky others.
What traders should ask is not "how much money they earned", but "self-reflection on how unreasonable choices were avoided".
If you can find common factors in your loss-making behavior, you may avoid reducing your money meaninglessly.
If you try to avoid bad luck completely, you will lose the revenue opportunity itself. There is no such thing as an "undefeated trader".

I hope you will take care of such points and use them.

This template(XMA_BBZ) is available free of charge.
If you can help with your trade, I hope you can use the QR code below.
Because it is a tossing money, please do not make a high remittance.I think that it is about $1 to $10 as a guide.

Twitter address is @XMA_BBZ.
If you have applied a template but the display is strange, please notify the screenshot image on twitter along with [OS / build number].

There's also an AmazonWishList, but this list is almost a joke.Thank you for your support!







Description of each part / Example of situation judgment / Application example / Download

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